Helvodica isn’t a simple alcoholic beverage. Helvodica is living without borders or worries. Pure ars vivendi. People who drink Helvodica once, can count themselves to a circle of discerning connoisors.

Unfortunately, this vodka ahead of his time doesn’t even exist yet.

A young, beautiful girl wants to be included in that circle. And this is where the short film begins:

In a studio enviroment an acceptance ritual is celebrated. A calm, weird music defines the beginning atmosphere of the short film. 8 members of the exclusive Helvodica-circle are present.

They’re wearing ritual cowls. The girl wears a red, almost transparent dress. She knees in front of the high priest. The high priest takes out a metallic decanter and starts activating the girl.

The idea for this video came to us in Amsterdam after watching Alejandro Jodorowsky’s „The Holy Mountain“. After planning it out for months, we did a smooth one-day shoot in the Staud Studios.

For the beginning music we chose a stock music track by Igor Dvorkin, the dubstep track is „Yell if You Wanna“ by the Nineties&Ascendance.

Later, we chose a track by Yellow Claw – Kaolo. We wanted to freshen it up a  bit after a year and use trap music, because by the time the edit of Helvodica was finished, Dubstep just wasn’t that fresh anymore.