Travel Pics: Netherlands

Biker Girl in Amsterdam.

Döner Kebap in Amsterdam.

Window of my hotel „NH Schiller“ in Amsterdam.

Vapiano Pizza Spinaci in front of a Chinese Restaurant at the Amsterdam docks.

Korean guy is photographing his girlfriend in a beautiful park in Breda.

Street musician in Breda.

Epic maria in Breda.

Google Maps destination in Breda.

Street scene at dawn in Rotterdam.

Epic guy at the Stadthuis in Rotterdam.

First thing we saw in Rotterdam… In the front you can see the main station.

World war memorial in Rotterdam in front of the Stadthuis.

Seagull in front of a lake with lots of algae.

The algae covered the lake like a carpet. People threw lots of garbage on it and it wouldn’t sink…

Solar and wind energy scene between Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

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