Picks of the week #12_2012

Division Paris is a production company that specializes on media for (French) music artists.
In their portfolio one can find some of the finest music videos ever produced.

Sébastien Tellier – Look

Most of you have probably seen this great visual artpiece in cartoon graphics on television, it’s directed by Petra Mrzyk & Jean-François Moriceau  which are mostly known for their graphical artworks Link).

Etienne de Crecy – No Brain

This mind-blowing music video in very stylized 3D is one of my favourite music videos of all time.
It’s directed by Fleur&Manu which have such a great portfolio that they’ll get a special from me next week 😉

Justice – On’n’On

If you think about it, this awesome kind of 80s styled video has the same long-take-in-a-virtual-corridor-style  like No Brain.
It is directed by Alexandré Courtes, who already directed the well-known music video „White Stripes – Seven Nation Army“ (Link) in a similar visual style.


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